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In a changing job market, how to develop virtuous recruitment to stand out ?

Let's remain optimistic.

Despite a gloomy atmosphere and an inflationary context, the job market is thriving! Contrary to what one might have thought, opportunities have never been as abundant, and unemployment is at an all-time low, especially in the United States. In France, according to INSEE, more than 90,000 jobs were created in the first quarter of 2023. As a result, recruitments are increasing, and many companies struggle to attract new talents.

Companies in need of candidates

This is why they must adapt to new aspirations and become more attractive, especially by offering even more flexibility to their employees. According to Welcome to the Jungle, the possibility of remote work is the third most important criterion for candidates. Hybrid work seems to be the key, offering the freedom of remote work while still providing the opportunity to use offices as a place for social interaction.

New aspirations

Because being part of a "common project" remains a widely expressed desire among employees. They want to contribute fully to their company's objectives. Moreover, in their quest for meaning in all areas, they want to adhere to its values!

Ecological aspirations, the promotion of diversity and inclusion, and advocating for gender equality represent equally important criteria for candidates in choosing their future employer.

Moving from words to actions benefits the employer brand!

In this context, defining a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy is an important step but not sufficient. Nowadays, companies cannot merely rely on empty words or "selling a dream." They need to move from declarations to concrete actions and communicate them. For instance, by participating in solidarity, sports, or charitable events, teams become more united, and the company highlights the causes it supports.

Candidate one day, ambassador forever?

Furthermore, this allows for "employee advocacy" to fully express itself because employees, often proud of these initiatives contributing to their professional well-being, readily promote them. They then become the best ambassadors of their company. This has a direct and beneficial effect on the company's "employer brand," which finds itself at the heart of a virtuous circle: employee retention, attraction of new candidates, increased productivity, and a positive image with clients!

Moral of the story: Invest in people and their aspirations :)

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