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  1. Digital interview

  2. Physical interview

  3. Tests and references, including 4colors®

  4. Induction coaching

Addressing challenges in the first 3 months 

Step 1: Understand your new environment

Being aware of your strengths and areas of discomfort using the 4Colors® method and implementing them in the new environment.

Discover your own strengths, identify areas of discomfort, and analyse the adaptation percentage.

Step 2: Lay the foundation for success

Understand the company's culture and codes, be clear about individual and collective expectations and objectives, start building internal relationships, and generate trust.

Support and questioning for gaining perspective.

Step 3: Take a step back and build the future

Develop trustworthy relationships 360°, expand internal network, be aware of one's image.

Take actions and adopt behaviours in line with expectations, with visible results.


Review any necessary adjustments.

Development support

4Colors® test + Integration coaching

Success contract

Replacement guarantee for 4 months - 2 months

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