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Reflecting our founder, Clothilde Baquet, our story is an adventure.

Clothilde begins her life on the road, as a child, she travels the world until the age of 6: Canada, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Spain, The Canary Islands, Turkey, Senegal, with regular returns to her roots in Morocco. From these road trips, she learns to adapt, discover with curiosity, wait, and above all, understand that one can be happy without much. Passionate about different cultures and, mostly the discovery of others, she imparts this approach in her recruitments.

Listening to uncover potentials and fostering new, long-lasting professional relationships is the magic of our headhunting profession. That's why we use the 4Colors personality model, which allows us, in addition to our intuition and relevant questioning, to support our understanding of the profound needs and motivations of our candidates.

After studying at the Maison d’Education de la Légion d’honneur, where she learns rigour, respect for regulations, and embodies the values of "Honneur et Patrie" (Honour and homeland) like all the young ladies of the Legion of Honor, she graduates from the École des Cadres, specialising in International Trade and SME-SMI creation. Although passionate and authentic, Clothilde remains methodical and structured. That's why we are committed to working on each and every recruitment with the same dedication.

Back in France, after an experience in finance in London at Crédit Lyonnais Head Office, Clothilde starts a 25-year career in a recruitment firm serving the most demanding clients: investment funds, investment banks, strategic consulting, luxury, cosmetology, holdings, and e-commerce.

Through her experience as a manager of about twenty employees, she understands the complexity of middle management roles, a true link between a strategy driven by top management and embodied by the middle, which carries out operations.

She learns how to reveal others and bring out the potential of each individual to create the alchemy of pleasure in success.

She is committed to seeking to understand everyone’s challenges: the company and the candidate, while maintaining an approach with authenticity and especially full of common-sense. You can shake the tree, but if the fruit is not ripe, it will not fall!

A firm has nothing to sell, it opens up the realm of possibilities by accompanying talents to reveal themselves and helping the employer brand develop its ecosystem in fertile ground for the development of its humans, the primary engine of growth.

Let's move away from the "smooth" speech that presents an ideal candidate to a company or the dream position to a candidate.

Let's dare to live our "mad skills."

A firm has no magic wand.

Unicorns do not exist !

Terminate yesterday to imagine tomorrow: this will be HUJEMAX's commitment.

There is a story to invent and build together for every party: a firm, a talent, and a company.

The market seeks an expert through a job description, but the company will hire Paul, Zohra, Ly-Hong, in other words, YOU.

The HUJEMAX Method?

Analyse and embrace your entire corporate culture to approach and convince future Middle and Top Management profiles who will carry your strategic projects tomorrow.

Telling a talent what is not seen in a job description and highlight what is not seen on a CV with an employer brand.

HUJEMAX, with its agile and disruptive approach, will do everything they can to offer you a "handcrafted" quality service with a progressive, sustainable, and ethical perspective.

Being actively vigilant is confronting one's market value, it allows agility and knowing what one can imagine tomorrow in order to always be a proactive and co-construct together.

It is up to the Talent to be proactive, and it is up to the company to position itself attractively rather than be selective.

Our promise ?

Correlate a candidate's journey and an employee's journey without experience rupture.

Recruit and develop humans, the primary engine of growth within a company.

"A productive person is not necessarily fulfilled, but a fulfilled person is definitely productive."

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