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7 tips to stand out in your job interviews

Discovering the essential tips to know during a job interview is learning how to showcase oneself with an edge.

1. The First Contact

The initial 20 seconds are crucial to make a good impression. It only takes making a bad impression from the start and there you have an interview that becomes immediately more complicated.

A recruiter will form an opinion about you right away, just as you'll form an opinion about the recruiter, whether it's negative or positive. We cannot change what a person thinks, but the best way to optimise it remains empathy and, of course, preparing for this interview.

2. Tailored Coaching

Here, we get into the heart of the matter. It's good to prepare for interviews, but being able to have an external opinion on your preparation is even better! Moreover, HUJEMAX offers a 4Colors test, which is an added value to present to the employer.

3. Soft Skills

These human skills that describe your behavioural adaptability are much more challenging to highlight on a CV or LinkedIn profile. It's during the interview that you'll need to showcase them.

If you want an edge, let's talk about Mad Skills.

4. Mad Skills

In contrast to soft skills, Mad Skills are your so-called crazy skills. You may have acquired them through extraordinary experiences, e.g., running a stall at an open-air market, climbing a mountain, or any challenge you've achieved. Mad Skills promote innovation in the company, they allow you to stand out in order to capture attention better.

5. Listening, Reactivity, and Dynamism

Standing out is essential, but having good listening skills, being reactive, and, above all, dynamic in front of a recruiter is obviously crucial to optimise these three points and especially to ask the right questions during an interview. It's absolutely necessary to take notes so you don’t forget the important points highlighted and especially to jot down the questions that you cannot immediately ask.

6. Non-Verbal Communication

A very important point because your posture, facial expressions, intonation, and micro facial expressions will speak for you. Let's not forget the 3V rule:

- 7% of communication is verbal (through the meaning of words).

- 38% of communication is vocal (intonation and voice tone).

- 55% of communication is visual (facial expressions and body language).

You'll need to pay close attention to these micro expressions that are ingrained in our unconscious.

7. Let's Build Tomorrow Together

By highlighting what we wish to create, letting go of yesterday to imagine tomorrow. This will give recruiters the idea to adapt their recruitment to your desires. It's the key to reversing the market.

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