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Why are "boomerang" employees a strength for their company ?

Firstly, who are they? "Boomerang" employees leave their company only to return to work there later. One might think that after a separation, a resignation, it's difficult to rebuild a common project. But unlike the idea of giving it another try with an ex, rehiring an employee after a resignation can be a real opportunity for a company and a windfall for employers, for several reasons.

Facilitated and Rapid Integration!

"Boomerang" employees have an in-depth understanding of the company they return to, its culture, internal processes, and expectations. They underwent initial onboarding, and often, their past experience enables them to integrate quickly and contribute swiftly to the organisation.

Finding One's Ground for Full Efficiency!

"Boomerang" employees are often synonymous with adaptability and responsiveness because they're known for their ability to quickly acclimate to a familiar work environment.

They undergo a "return to their roots", unlike a new employee who needs time to find their place and bring out their full potential. "Boomerang" employees already know the ins and outs of the company, so they are immediately operational and contribute efficiently to the goals of the team they join or rejoin.

Rehiring : synonymous with Loyalty and Involvement.

After an experience elsewhere, the returning employee shows enhanced commitment and loyalty. Their return reflects strong bonds and memories, indicating an exciting past journey. "Boomerang" employees tend to be more involved and loyal because they made an informed choice, demonstrating their alignment with the company's model and values they left and returned to.

Experience from Elsewhere brings Enrichment!

Upon returning to their company, "boomerang" employees, enriched by other professional experiences, bring an expanded network, new professional contacts, which can benefit the company. Hence, their rehiring opens new perspectives, inspirations, ideas, and collaboration opportunities that are beneficial for the company and teams.

A Collaborator with New Knowledge and Qualifications

Often, the "boomerang" employee has had various experiences and faced professional challenges, observed different approaches within different companies — factors that offer a true mentoring potential for their employer. These “boomerang” employees bring new skills and experiences that can mentor new colleagues and share the achievements they obtained in various cases, serving as inspiration or counterexamples when certain situations arise in the company. Therefore, their knowledge of the company combined with their new capabilities promotes the professional development of other team members and enhances overall performance.

Reunions with an "Improved" Employee

So, one should not dwell on the resignation step and think they've "seen everything" regarding a "boomerang" employee. Why not give them another chance, as they can be a real asset for the company? "Boomerang" employees prove to be a significant added value for their employers. Their ease in finding a place within the company, their profound knowledge of it, adaptability, commitment, (new) skills and experiences acquired elsewhere, and expanded networks make them valuable collaborators. Hold no grudges and keep an eye open for opportunities to re-engage these exceptional talents!



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