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Accompanying the Transition with Professional Coaching

Developing emotions to gain flexibility aims to create a coherent and authentic experience by surpassing your standards while ensuring the promise of a positive experience.

What if we revisited the idea of applying the customer experience to the candidate and employee experience? Customer experience refers to the range of emotions and feelings felt by a customer before, during, and after a purchase.

Fostering Employee Loyalty

Acquiring a new client costs 7 times more than maintaining your relationship with an existing client. Imagine if we transpose this theory to the employee experience!

79% of people will choose a brand that cares for its service and understands them. Personalised content and experiences are key. Recruitment in 2020 continued to place the candidate at the centre of the company's economic strategy. By developing personalised recruitment, HR departments rely on the marketing approach of customer relations to offer an exclusive and differentiating approach to candidates. 36% of clients are more satisfied with a personalised offer, and 47% are more likely to remain loyal - Boston Consulting Group survey 2019.

Fostering Commitment

The HUJEMAX experience is about committing to correlate a candidate's journey and an employee's journey without a break in experience.

It all starts within our premises in KWERK's offices to enable talents and employer brands to flourish and realise their dreams through the unique and integrated expertise at KWERK, "Wellworking," and the values upheld: "Being comfortable being different. We believe that embracing who you are (even your eccentricity) liberates." We can also relate this to Madskills, which are a real strength in standing out.

A highly tense market demands personalising recruitment and meeting candidates' expectations. A candidate should not feel like just a number among many others.

Distinguishing Your Image

A company must differentiate itself to raise awareness among candidates. Living an authentic and digitised experience allows for innovative interviews in the form of sharing expertise. This will help find THE gem who will be the right fit for the company, teams, and managers. Employees are on the lookout for a welcoming team, a conducive working environment, and an innovative mission.

HUJEMAX aims to "be a bit of you from a distance."

Let's embark on this adventure together!



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