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Mad Skills: Exceptional Skills and Real Added Value in Recruitment

Similar to soft skills, our Mad Skills are our extraordinary competencie, we cultivate them by loving what we do. We can translate this as "Love can do," a diagram created by Idriss Aberkane, which combines two essential axes for a company's smooth functioning: Can Do (technical expertise) and Love, meaning, I do my job with passion.

And there you have an edge; you're above the scrum. Why? Because of the passion that creates genuine enthusiasm around your project. To take the lead, one must develop this entrepreneurial drive, which without passion becomes more complicated.

What are Mad Skills?

These competencies are akin to soft skills, with the distinction that Mad Skills are associated with experiences driven by passion. For instance:

· Thanks to my passion for climbing for 15 years, it allowed me to develop exceptional judgment and decision-making skills when facing risk.

Mad Skills are extra-professional skills acquired with passion, initially not intended for the professional world. Yet, they have shaped you - like a sword tempered by the blacksmith before becoming sharp as desired.

How to Develop These Mad Skills?

To cultivate these Mad Skills, one can consider any periods of failure as transitional phases. It's through these experiences that you landed where you are today; it's merely about extracting the positives from that period. For example:

· Working in markets enabled me to develop my sense of service and especially to discover my empathy. To serve a client, one must understand their perspective, thus, empathising with the client is indispensable.

In general, the saying "What doesn't kill me makes me stronger" (Nietzsche) is understood as a synonym for resilience.

Your Mad Skills have been with you from the start; highlight them in front of recruiters. It's a bit of a gamble, it may seem out of place or precisely fitting. The best approach is to engage with an agile recruitment agency with a "talent-centric" approach.

A talent-centric strategy means that every hiring step is designed to meet the needs of the best talents.

Let's keep in mind that daring is an excellent way to stand out and captivate the attention of the interlocutor.



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