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What is Top Management ?

The top manager is the captain of the ship, thanks to them, middle management understand the vision and, most importantly, the priorities to be implemented, thus ensuring their objective is well in sight.

Top Management is exercised by highly qualified managers, leaders, or members of the company's Executive Committee (EXCOM)

More specifically, top management will implement within a company all the vision that will engage support functions: Finance, Commerce, Marketing, Human Resources, Supply Chain, etc. These can be individuals or legal entities (e.g. investment funds holding shares in the capital).

For a company to achieve performance or in a volatile market, a good vision is essential.

The Top Manager is indispensable to lead middle management and employees in implementing this corporate vision.

The Top Manager is responsible for the proper transformation of the ecosystem to develop its adaptability and optimise its positioning in a volatile and uncertain market/context.

What are the differences between top management and middle management?

A top manager must have a long-term vision to increase value creation in their endeavours, while

a middle manager aims for operational excellence. Therefore, the top manager must delegate decision-making on non-strategic issues, requiring absolute trust among the various stakeholders.

The captain determines the strategy and the positioning of these sailors to "defeat" a fleet.

The details and implementation of navigation remain the responsibility of supervisors who can take initiatives autonomously, without constant supervision. It is a real advantage to have a floating ship but, above all, a captain who enables adaptation to different, sometimes turbulent waves, to prevent capsizing.

HUJEMAX, a recruitment firm specialised in top/middle management, operates in France or abroad.

Our values of EXCELLENCE, AUTHENTICITY, ADAPTABILITY, and PLEASANTNESS are a real added value for tailor-made solutions.

While many seek talent, HUJEMAX will primarily offer a Human who aligns with your company's vision at that moment.



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